Why I am MIA 


Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

….If there is anyone still there. 

I just wanted to let the two of you know that I am taking a little break (1-2 weeks). My best friends kylee and McKenzie are here visiting from the states! YAY! As everyone knows it has been a lonely three years here alone (minus Tom and Isaac), not having much contact with people here. You guys, I’m SO thrilled, thankful and just overall happy. I have laughed so much my face and stomach hurt. 

So other than Isaac and Tom, my attention will be all on them while they’re here. This could very well be our last time to be lazy and do nothing but bum on the beach without a care in the world. Once we get back it’s big girl job time for, forever I guess. Or until 65. Lol 


I will be back and I am excited to come back! Just know I have tons of content I have been jotting down here and there and will be here and ready to entertain as soon as I can. 

Have a wonderful wonderful next few weeks! 

And hey, smile at a stranger today! 💛


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