The Truth About After Baby Body

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“Bouncing back” is probably one of the first thoughts that come across our minds when we first find out we are pregnant. Some people think about it long before they have even considered having kids. “What will my body look like after this baby? Will I get stretch marks? Will I gain a lot of weight? Will nothing change at all”?

After seeing all of these celebrities in magazines basically sporting abs on some beach 2 minutes after having their babies, it’s easy to get a false sense of hope that maybe we too could look like that a couple hours after giving birth.

But is it completely false?

Luckily no. It is possible that you too could bounce back quickly. Which I feel like is something we don’t hear often enough. People like to tell us all about the scary stuff and never want to throw in the good things.

Only looking at what happened to your mother can you have any idea of what your after baby bod might look like.

We can all lather up on the bio oil, coconut oil and tummy butter all we want but in the end, your body will do what it wants to/has to do. Some women can eat so healthy their entire pregnancy and yet they still gain 40+lbs during their pregnancy. While others gained 12lbs.

I ate so much and still couldn’t manage to gain weight. My doctor even put me on an all McDonald’s diet to get me to fatten up and it just wasn’t happening. (I know not gaining weight doesn’t sound like something to complain about but when you’re trying to grow a human being, that part is pretty important.) It turned out it was all going straight to Isaac and my 115lbs  pregnant self had an 8lbs baby. 😳 I had gained a total of 11lbs. Luckily I ended up skipping the stretch mark part. (I only blame genetics for this one.)

The one thing that I hated was how no one talked about what your body looks like right after having your baby. And I mean right after.

I remember standing up, for the first time and feeling really wobbly, like the feeling you get when you’ve been on a horse for too long. (Lol)  I wobbled to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. Really terrified to lift my gown. Reluctantly I did so and I wanted to cry. My belly looked so odd. It was flat at the top and then had a bubble at the bottom. I thought it was going to look that way forever.

*Tip; they give you this mesh underwear and a giant pad. I personally feel it’s completely unnecessary and they just want you to feel as hideous as possible. You don’t have to wear those. Bring your own pad  and wear some cute black boy short underwear that are a spandex material so it feels like they’re hugging you. It was way more comfortable and it was the first step in me feeling like a somewhat attractive woman. lol 

Ok getting back to the story.

Don’t freak out if you do what I did and saw your belly looking like a deflated beach ball. It does go away and goes pretty quickly! By day 8 my stomach was completely back to normal.

Another thing that changed for me was my belly button. Not the belly button I was born with, but the 2nd belly button I now have from piercing my belly button like every other teenage girl does. This one was a total surprise at the end but honestly it isn’t super noticeable and it’s actually kind of funny.

One of the things I want people to get from this and what I wish I would have read more of is that, it is possible for you to bounce back quickly. I was honestly shocked at how quickly my body went back. And if it doesn’t happen that way for you, it’s ok! You may have to workout to get to your old body or you might get your body back by just simply doing nothing.

The point is it can happen. 😊

The only tips I can give to getting back to your old self asap are:

  • Gain weight slowly. This will hopefully prevent the amount of stretch marks you get or if you get any really.
  • Dont let people try and convince you eating for two is a real thing. It’s not. Eat when you’re hungry and eat your normal portion.
  • Stay active, don’t be afraid of exercise.
  • Lotion up.  It will help with the elasticity of your skin when it goes back down.
  • Dont scratch your belly, rub. When you scratch a balloon and then you pop the balloon there are lines all over it. The same with your belly. So rub rub rub.

Just don’t be scared mamas. Especially about things you cannot control.

Everyones  body is so different and there is no, “right way” it should look when your journey is over. You will still be incredibly beautiful. 💕

No matter what happens, we all end up holding a beautiful baby that we all worked so hard for.

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