My Tips to Prevent Acne.

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So before accutane swooped in and saved the day, and I mean RIGHT before, I had started implementing these tips into my every day life and I saw a huge difference in the amount of break outs I had!

Even now after having the magical unicorn potion called accutane flowing through my veins, I can tell when I stop doing one or more of these things and I always end up hating myself for skipping anything!


1. Wash your freaking makeup off at night!

If there is one thing out of all of these that you can do, do this. I used to be so so so terribly guilty of this. I know when it’s late at night and you’ve slaved all day long and you’re so tired you just want to jump in bed and go straight to sleep. But don’t do it. It’s a trap. Everytime I do this I notice my skin is extra dry looking and just lacks luster overall. Plus it causes premature wrinkles! No one wants that.

*An exception to this rule is…if you’re drunk and aren’t capable of performing this task. 😂

2. Don’t touch your face. At all!

For some weird reason, when my skin was bad, I felt the need to constantly touch my, “bobo’s”. As if I were hoping they were all going to magically disappear every five minutes. A girl can dream. There are so many germs on our hands all day long, touching our phones, our kids, the steering wheel in the car, etc. 

Once I started continuously telling myself, “Dont touch your face, don’t touch your face” I noticed a big difference in the amount of bobo’s I would get at one time.

3. Double wash your face.

You know, all of those times after you wash your face and you use your toner, there is always a little makeup/dirt on your little cotton pad (If you don’t use a toner shame on you)? Just double wash! I promise you’ll see less blackheads and over all less breakouts in your skin!

4. Use a gentle cleanser without exfoliating beads.

Using an exfoliating cleanser as your daily cleanser is only going to irritate and breakout your skin even more! Your skin is already angry. I know as much as you feel deep inside that you can just scrub those little witches right of of your face, you can’t. Before I knew anything about skincare, I used St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub that was more abrasive than a Brillo pad, thinking I would scrub them into oblivion. Boy was I wrong. They just came back ten fold.

You have to treat them like a sweet little baby and gently nurse your skin back to health.

My favorite drugstore face wash is the Cera Ve gentle cleanser and I use a sugar/charcoal scrub maximum once a week.

5. Keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean.

Not going to lie, I am reall terrible at this. Usually if I get a new breakout now, I know it’s time to wash my brushes. Which is so lazy of me but, sometimes I’ll actually do the right thing, and wash my brushes and spronges once a week.

I feel like the sponges especially need to be washed the most often because they’re constantly wet which creates the perfect enviroment for bacteria to grow. I usually just use any antibacterial soap that we have a that works perfectly.

6. Simplify your routine and stick to it.

As much as we all love to try out the latest new thing, your skin doesn’t love it too much. At one point I would use a different cleanser every other day, two different moisturizers at night and change my toners like I change my underwear. When all of these products claim to do so many amazing things you just have to try them all, right? No.

Using too many product at one time or just changing them often in general can confuse your skin. And how can you ever really know what products work if you don’t give them enough time to work their magic? You don’t take antibiotics for one day, not get any better and then throw them out do you?

I just feel like my skin and really calmed since I’ve been doing less.

Also, by doing this, you save some money. 😉

7. Cliche: Drink a lot of water.

I think I can confidently say I use to go a day or so without drinking more than sip of water. I just didn’t like water and there was always something tastier near by. Which looking back was possibly the source or my terrible, terrible skin. The thought of that makes me cringe. Water helps cleanse your cells of built-up waste hence, less breakouts.

After going through basic training and in constant dire need of water, it’s all I drink and my skin looks so much healthier now!

8. Last but not least, try cutting out milk!

So I still eat cheese, and use milk to cook with, but I no longer drink milk from a glass just because I want it, no more chocolate milk or milk with my cereal. Instead I switched to Almond milk.

This was the first change I made when I decided to try and heal my skin naturally. After reading a lot of articles about all of the unnecessary hormones in cows milk and how it offset our own hormones in our bodies I made the switch and I am so thankful I did.

It may not end up being a trigger for you and you may just be giving up the best chocolate milk of a life time for no reason. But if you’re desperate, it’s worth trying. From what I can tell it helps a lot of other people as well.


I hope you guys try these out and they really help you!  I know how much it sucks to have acne but it doesn’t last forever I promise!

If you have any skin care tips of your own share them in the comment section so we can all have the best skin possible! 💕






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  1. Thank you for this post!! I’ve been thinking in the same lines lately especially with the milk and water thing. Really good to know it works, motivates me to stick to it!! Also, I hadn’t thought about the makeup brushes so thanks for the tip!!

    Linda / Two Drops Of Water


      1. I’ve been using one from Peter Thomas Roth that has glycolic acid and other stuff for a couple years, but I think it was recently discontinued. I think when my last bottle is up I’m going to try the AHA and BHA toners from Cosrx.


        1. I’ll look into those! Thank you! ☺️

          Have you heard of an exfoliator called, “The Cure”? It’s extremely popular here in Japan and it’s basically a gel that you rub into your skin and it makes all of your dead skin ball up! It looks kind of gross but fun at the same time! 😂 I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. You can find it on amazon I believe if you want to read reviews! 😊