The Fear of Failure

Tom and Adriana in Okinawa Japan

We all have at least one quality that we know will always work against us in our life. That one trait that uncontiously makes you sabotage your future. Whether it be that it sabotages your relationships, your goals or just yourself.

Mine, was the fear of failure. I know I’m not alone on this one. Eveyone is afraid to fail. But when that fear of failure actually makes you pass up the most amazing opportunities in your life, when you act on that fear of failure, that’s when it can be a real problem. For me, this fear led me to join the military. Thankfully it ended up being a really good choice, but I definitely don’t think it was something I had to do. But when my plans weren’t looking like they were in my favor, I think I panicked a little and I picked something that I quite frankly had no choice to fail at doing. Lol

I remember being in high school wanting to play sports so badly, but I never did because I was always worried I would be awful at it. I didn’t want to feel that embarrassment of possibly being the worst person on the team. Which is ridiculous because I didn’t know if I would be! I didn’t even try. That’s why I definitely want Isaac to play sports when he is young. I feel like it’s so important to experience losing and then having to have the guts to get back out there and try again. I definitely could have used that experience.

Okinawa Japan
Our date day with a view

College is another thing I had put off because I was scared to fail. Which is odd because I did really well in high school. It has just been so long since I’ve been in school, I worried about not remembering anything from high school and feeling stupid.

These are just some of the important life decisions I had put off or not participated in because I was afraid to fail.

But by not trying at all I was failing already. By doing absolutely nothing I was failing myself. 

In the back of my mind I know that if I can just muster up the guts to just try, I can do well at whatever I go for.

This is where Tom comes in and completely changed this about myself.

Tom is the complete opposite of what I was before I met him. His goals are so extreme but he never lets the possibility of not getting there stop him from trying. He is so confident about every dream of his. If he wants something he makes it happen and works so extremely hard to get it.

Ice cream and my husband
No I didn’t share my ice cream. 😛

Thank God I married this man because he has really changed me and keeps me on track with what I want out of life. He pushes me and gives me that boost of confidence I need to tell myself I can be successful at whatever it is that I want. Plus, I just have someone to keep up with.

He absolutely motivates me and makes me feed off of his drive, which is exactly what I needed.

In the last 3 years of being together, I’ve noticed a rise in confidence in my goals and that is all thanks to Tom. 💜

We have a limited amount of years on this planet to accomplish what we want to. So just go for it. Don’t worry about what could happen. Just do whatever you have to do and be absolutely relentless until you have it in your hands.

If you don’t naturally have that confidence to go after what you want unafraid, then find someone who does! Because you are who you surround youself with and that confidence will rub off!

Ikea Island
Ikea Island

So what are you guys afraid of? Anything. Failure, bugs, the dark? Leave it in the comment section. 💜😊

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