Stop Complaining About the Good Things.


It’s days like these that make me want to kick myself in the ass for ever moaning and groaning about not having a job. Today, Isaac and I spent the whole day on the beach, on a weekday, just because we wanted to. The fact that we even live on this beautiful island and are able to do this whenever we want is just amazing. I’m so lucky to be able to relax and spend this time with Isaac while he is little and spend a lot of extra time with Tom.

My son playing on the beach in Japan
Isaac trying to grow another finger with his mind.


Not everyone gets to stay home for any amount of time yet alone on a tropical island.

What is wrong with me? It’s temporary? Enjoy this Adriana! ­čśĹ

He was so happy all day long today. He smiled and laughed and did his little dance all day. And all I could think was, “What if I didn’t see this smile today”? “Would he have been this happy today if I weren’t here”? Who knows.

My son on the standing on the beach in Japan
He refused to let go of the sunblock.

All I know is, today I got another day that I get to log away in my memory and in photos forever as a perfect one.

Today is just one of those days where I’m overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude.

I you Isaac, and I love you Tom. You two are too good to me. ­čĺť

* Sorry for the sappines.

My son sitting on the beach in Okinawa
We had endless meaningful conversations about life and the creation of the universe.
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