Life Update; I Made it to America


Helllooooooo…Is anyone there?

I have been gone for months now and not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about my blog. Writing became such an outlet for me and when I stopped I felt like my brain has been swelling with ideas, thoughts, and some stress. Yea, not writing made me feel stressed. Every day I felt like I was neglecting the only place I have ever been able to lay it all out there and I felt almost guilty? I’m sorry blog. I will try to never leave you for this long ever again. And I’m sorry brain for not allowing you any sort of release from these last few hectic, crazy, and life changing months.

SO, what is new you may be thinking?

What ISN’T new?

I live in America now!!

isaac and my snow cone
For the rest of my life I have to share…

We moved to North Carolina from Okinawa on September 3rd, 2017. What a journey that was. From having none of our belongings for almost 4 months, sleeping on the floor, no tv, and not being able to cook. (I know, first world problems 😏) It was rough. A toddler with no toys for 4 months makes you want to bang your head on the wall. But we made it, and we are so happy to be back closer to family, Target, Wal-Mart, Waffle House, Texas road house, Chick-fil-a, and real SNOW CONES! It’s the little things in life.

We bought our first home

Always have a little piece of Okinawa with me

Yes we are home owners! Which, in hindsight sight could have turned out very bad. We bought the house by only looking at it online. 😂 Thank goodness Toms Aunt and Grandma took a peek at it before we pulled the trigger. Nevertheless our eyes had not seen it in person. But thank goodness it turned out well, we love love love our new home! It is one story thank goodness. Carrying laundry up and down stairs got old REALLY quickly. We finally have a his and her sink in our big master bath, beautiful hardwood floors, big windows, high ceilings, a big back yard for Isaac, screened in porch, and white custom cabinets (my favorite). Just everything I could have hoped for in our first home. Coming home feels like, coming home for the first time in a while.

I went to Real Estate school

Feels weird wearing big girl clothes lol

Past tense, that is how much time has gone by, geese. I started the weekend that we got here which was extremely stressful, but I had no choice. Not only was I eager to start, but with all of the new bills we had to take on from the move, I knew I needed to start working as soon as possible to give my guy a hand. I went to HTR Real Estate Academy about 40 min from my home. To get my Real Estate license my classes were a little over two months long and very, very intense. It was so much information crammed into 8 weekends with a 70% fail rate…Yes I said fail rate. 70% of people fail that class and have to take it over again. I made over 1,000 note cards, took tests in the book and online, watched YouTube videos of lectures while I got ready for the day, when I got ready for bed, in the shower (I know it’s excessive), and while driving in the car. After all of that, I am happy to announce I did pass my test and got my license in the mail last Saturday! 😍

I am starting a new career

These two are my motivation. Aren’t they cute? ☺️

This one ties into the previous one but since things move quickly around here, I have already started the process of starting my new career in Real Estate! I decided to hang my license with Home Town Realty in Clayton, North Carolina which happens to be the place I went to school. After interviewing a few brokerages, they were the only ones that had that family feel I was really looking for. I can tell that everyone there truly cares about each other and not just how much money you can make them. It also helps that the provide more opportunities for growth in other directions that other brokerages didn’t. After deciding to work for them, a few hours later actually, they got me a job interview with a really big new home builder which was what I wanted to do from the beginning! If I get the job, WHEN I get the job, I will definitely give an update on here about it. Cross your fingers for me please, this is a huge opportunity. 😊

I have blonde hair now

Ahhh so weird but I feel so good!

This one may seem a little ridiculous, but if you know me you know that for my entire life I have always had long black hair. My entire young life my mom never allowed me to color my hair, then I joined the military which also didn’t allow “unnatural” hair color, and then when I was in Japan I didn’t have enough faith in the language barrier to allow anyone to color my hair. 😂So coming here, everything in my entire life was already changing, why not just go ahead and change my hair? I have always wanted to do it and FINALLY, no one could tell me no! I have already done two sessions and I think I may do one more and then I will be where I want.👍🏼


Overall, it feels so good to finally get to start doing all the things we could only talk about when we were in Japan. We finally feel like life is not only actually moving, but moving in the right direction. We are getting to give Isaac a semi-permanent home (we will be here for a while but not for forever), finally I am getting to start my career, Tom is cutting down on his time left in the Air Force every day and Is finally getting to see his family more often. It just feels good. Everything feels like it is where it should be.

I feel good to be back. Not only am I back, but very soon I will have a lot more to talk about! 😅

black cat
OH YEA, we added a furry friend to the family. Her name is Petra and they love each other. 💕
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