“Life Is What Happens While You’re Busy Making Other Plans” -Allen Saunders (Quote of The Day)


This quote has always been one to bring me back down to earth.

So often we find ourselves staring so intently into the future, hoping and wishing it were here already that we lose site of what we have right in front of us. And before you know it, life flies by and will leave you wondering where the hell all of that time went.

If you are like most. You are constantly setting new goals, making plans for that vacation, buying tickets for a concert 5 months out, waiting for that new job, graduating college or a big move. It’s so fun to look into your future and get excited about what’s up ahead! We need these types of plans to excite us and to just have something to look forward to.

But while waiting on those plans to happen, we find ourselves dragging our feet about where we are right now, it seems so far from where we want to be.

Tom and I are extremely guilty of this. Every time we do our daily drive to Ikei Island, all we can seem to talk about is how much time we have left here (4 1/2 months), and we just can’t contain our excitement about this gigantic change that is about to happen in our life. And even though this is something to be excited about, we constantly remind ourselves how lucky we are to be on this beautiful island and how much we are going to miss it once we are gone. So after we let ourselves get excited, we are always sure to open our eyes even wider than before, and take in these moments we have left.

Ikei Island
The view from the car on our drive to Ikei Island.

One thing we need to realize is, we will never be where we want to be…You are always going to want more. You’re always going to have something new and more exciting up ahead in mind. So try not to get caught up in it all.

“Life” is splashing around during bath time. “Life” is blaring music while cooking dinner and dancing like a fool in the kitchen with your family. “Life” is date night with your husband. “Life is playing hide and go seek in the clothes section of the store. “Life” is that beautiful beach you pass on your drive home everyday. “Life” is all of the little things.

So when you find yourself looking too far ahead for too long. Make that conscious decision to stop, slow down, look around you and take in of the beautiful things in your life that you created.

Just be present!

Photographing water on Ikei Island in Okinawa, Japan
Taking lots of pictures so we will never forget.
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