A Letter to My Younger Self


Oh child…

Hopefully I’m not talking to a brick wall here. Everyone knows you don’t like to take advice from anyone, probably not even me.

In a way, you’re wise beyond your years. And in another way, you’re so nieve. But no worries, all of the mistakes you have made have been from a good heart. And because of that, you get a free a pass.

You have already been through more heart ache and more struggle than many see in a life time, especially for a teenager.

I’m going to bullet point this information so you can focus easier. We both know you hate to read. Now put down the hot tamales, and pay attention.

  • You’ve seen a friend pass away.

I know you think you will never be able to forget what you saw that night and emotionally you will never be the same again. But I’m here to confirm, time does heal all wounds. You will get out of that depression and you will smile again. Although you will never forget the person, the pain from that memory will fade.

  • You are taking care of you mother at just 16 years old.

I know sometimes the stress can seem like more than just you can handle. Sometimes you’ll think you won’t scrape by, but you have the most amazing friends and family around that will give you the help you need to make it. You get through it like a boss.

All of the responsibilities you are taking on only help you in the future to handle the pressures of life. And don’t worry about mom, she gets better!

  • You’ll have your heart broken, more than once. By the same person. (Hopefully you’ll read this before it’s too late and dump him).

My main advice. Cheaters never change. Listen to your gut and listen to your friends. They love you and they can see what you can’t. You are so special and so beautiful, don’t let him make you feel less than.

And I know you think you’ll never love someone other than…you know who…But you will. Once┬áyou finally let go, and open your eyes, you will realize there are many guys that are kinder, more handsome and honest.

When you find a man named Thomas Johnson, you can stop looking. ­čĺť

*Now to move away from the serious stuff.

  • Rethink what you post on Facebook and spell everything out. There is a thing called Timehop now and you’re really embarrassing me (Face palm).
  • There is a difference between being nice and letting people take advantage of you. I know sometimes you try and see the best in people and do the most to help them. But this will only hurt you more than it will make you feel good. It’s ok to help people, even beyond what you are capable of, but think twice before you say, “yes”. When a stranger comes up to you and asks you for (your last) $20 to give to a locksmith to unlock his car, that he will be right back, don’t believe him…he won’t ever come back. Lol.┬áLearn to say no.
  • Please make a copy of your car key! This will save you a ton of money and time. (I still haven’t gotten this one down yet).
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. This takes you a long time to figure out and you will pass up a lot of good opportunities because you think you aren’t good enough. You are. The only good things that will come from your life are the things you took big chances on. Trust me. Just close your eyes and jump in! You will surprise yourself.
  • Dont have a plan B. Maybe if you follow this rule from the get go one of our plans would have actually worked out! When you put all of your focus into one task and don’t give yourself a, “just incase” route, you have no choice but to succeed!
  • Your life will be nothing like you imagined or meticulously planned. Literally, not one thing you want to happen will happen. Kind of scary huh?┬áSurprisingly, it’s better than you could have planned. So don’t worry so much when you see your plans crumble. There is something better waiting around the corner!
  • Listen to your mother and stop plucking your eyebrows so much! Now I’m desperately trying to clean up your mess.
  • And last but not least. All of the things you’re wanting to do. Start now! You’ll always wish you would have started sooner. No more procrastinating.

Hang in there girl, life isn’t as complicated as you think. Things always work themselves out. The bad always gets better. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. And you’re going to be so incredibly happy soon!

P.S. Start learning Japanese now, maybe then we could actually get a pizza delivered to our house!

Check out that bowl cut. ­čś│
My sisters and I! Man Check out those ears. ­čśé


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