How I Stay in Touch with my Friends and Family while Living on the Other Side of the World. (It’s Also ok Not to)


Living 7,675 miles away from home for three years has not been easy! Especially with the 14 hour time difference and a new baby that a lot of people haven’t even had the chance to meet yet.

So how do I keep in touch with friends and family hopefully without leaving anyone out? 

Social media!! All social media has been a compete life savor for us! I post pictures of Isaac pretty frequently so everyone can feel like they get to watch him grow! My biggest fear has been for anyone to feel like they have missed out on that more than they have to. (Grandparents, aunts and uncles). I also post a lot of pictures of my husband since I know he isn’t really on top of staying in touch with family like he maybe should! I don’t want his mom and dad to forget what he looks like! Lol

The only downside to social media is some days, when you’re in the gutter, it can really rub in your face all of the family gatherings, birthdays, weddings and fun nights out you miss out on…but overall, we are lucky it exists.

FaceTime and facebook messenger have been my go to for Christmas, thanksgiving and birthdays! Even my sister wedding I was going to attend via FaceTime! (Lack of cell reception killed that idea). It’s always nice when I get to find the time to video with family that works for everyone that isn’t just on big holidays. One of my favorite times to video is while I’m cooking dinner, I’ll call my mom and we will pretend like we are cooking together!

Phone calls are an oldy but a goody! Facebook messenger is my favorite thing to use but for the old folks who don’t have face book I just use magic jack! The receiver of the phone call doesn’t need the app or a smart phone to get the call. For me, most of my phone calls happened while I’m running errands alone. I just plug up my phone to the auxiliary cord and dial all my favorite people until someone answers! lol

I personally try extremely hard to always stay in touch with family and friends often, but I truely believe you don’t have to be in contact constantly to keep those friends you care about around!

Well, you shouldn’t have to be at least!

Sometimes, time flies by so quickly that you just don’t even realize how much has actually passed! Don’t take that personally and don’t hold that against anyone! Good friends can pick up where they left off no matter how much time has gone by.
But in the end, there is always time to catch up with the people you love! 

My best friend Kylee and Isaac when he was 6m old!

My dad meeting Isaac for the first time!

My mother in law meeting Isaac for the first time!

My mom meeting Isaac for the first time!

My sassy sister Adela on the left,my sister Daniella in the middle, Isaac and my dad!

My beautiful sister Amara when she met Isaac.

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  1. You do an amazing job of making me feel a part of y’all’s life and I can’t thank you enough. I’ve enjoyed staying in touch by Facetime, Facebook, Instagram, texts & phone calls. I feel like I’ve been included in watching Isaac grow up & seeing all of the adventures y’all have had during your time in Japan. I’ve said it many times and it’s still true…I couldn’t have hand picked a better wife for my son and mommy to Isaac. I love you like my own daughter Adriana đŸ’• Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you!
    Love, Tonia (Mimi)


    1. đŸ˜­ I love you like a mom to. I’m glad you feel in the loop! đŸ’•Tom and I always talk about how awesome it would be to live around you forever! If you would ever leave stinky SE Texas. đŸ˜‚