Closing Chapters in Your Life and Accepting the Future

Mom and baby walking on the beach

One thing we don’t realize when we are young, are how many times we are going to have to slam the door on sections of our lives. How many times you will have to make choices where you have to leave certain people behind, leave jobs you love or move to a new place.

A lot of the time, the end of these chapters are extremely painful. Because every time you close that door, you know you’ll never go back and that part of your life is just, poofgone.

So far, I recognize three chapter in my life, right now I’m in the third. Some of the chapters I remember being dark, some I remember having the time of my life with my friends and my family, being so young, careless and responsibility free. Sometimes I look back at my past and I don’t even remember who that girl was in those certain stages. I don’t remember what I thought about, my maturity level (probably pretty low lol), nothing. I feel like I’m just watching a movie and someone is telling me, “Hey, hey that is you”.

We all try and plan the future, and do our best to guess what our futures will be like. But the truth is you will never know. My life has not been anything that I thought or planned for it to be. It’s better.

Mom and baby walking on the beach
Me and Isaac on our favorite beach. When my baby was a baby.

But I know this chapter is coming to an end. We are about to pack up our entire life we made here, to move back to America in just 5 months. And we don’t even know where we are going yet. Nerve racking right? I don’t know where I’ll be living or working, will we be close to family or still far away? I don’t know. All I know is life is about to shake up again, and I’m nervous.

But if there is anything I have learned so far in my 21 years, it’s that every big shake up has brought something incredible that I never knew I wanted.

…”I never knew I wanted”…we need to learn to recognize when things we didn’t know we wanted, are in fact a gift. Once you recognize that, you can accept whatever it is that much sooner.

But that’s what life is. It’s pushing yourself to grow and change and experience new things. It keeps things interesting and exciting. But that unfortunately means growing away from some people and leaving the places you’re familiar with.

Our lives are just one big giant book. Constantly changing. Adding characters every few pages and losing some as well.

You just have to learn to accept every change and jump into the next chapter feet first, confident and ready. You can’t go back, and you can’t skip ahead. Just do your best to create a life you can be happy with in the moment. Because this moment right now is all you have and all you can be certain of.

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