Cherry Blossom Festival at Nakijin-jo Castle Ruins.

Cherry blossom festival

Last weekend we made the two hour drive to Nago city despite the occasional drizzles and the cold to see the cherry blossoms trees in full bloom! Every year there is a festival for them at the Nakijin-jo castle ruins where the trees line the path that leads to the ruins! And at night time they light the base of the trees up with thousands of candles. This is our last year here to see them so we wanted to get some good pictures to document!

Nakijin-jo was the home of the Ryukuan governor and was built in the late 14th century. The castle ruin also has a beautiful view of the ocean.

They did not disappoint at all! I just wanted to share them with you all! 🙂

Nakijin cherry blossoms Sakura
Up close and personal.
Nakijin cherry blossoms Sakura
The walk to Nakijin
Cherry blossoms Sakura Nakijin
It was hard to get a centered picture, there were a lot of people there.


Cherry blossoms Sakura at Nakijin
Leaving the festival for the last time. (Sniffle sniffle)
Isaac in front of cherry blossoms
Tom and Isaac being cute!!



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Okinawa men selling sweet potatoes
Local venders selling sweet potatoes! 
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