Life Update; I Made it to America

Helllooooooo…Is anyone there? I have been gone for months now and not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about my blog. Writing became such an outlet for me and when I stopped I felt like my brain has been swelling with ideas, thoughts, and some stress. Yea, not writing made me feel […]

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Why You Need to Walk Away From Your Toxic Relationship

Lately I feel like I have seen so many beautiful, intelligent, kind hearted women (sometimes men), getting their hearts stepped on. Husbands cheating on their wives or visa versa, husbands cheating on their families, lying, constantly putting you down, controlling; telling you what to wear, who you can be friends with, they make you feel crazy […]

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Why I am MIA 

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. ….If there is anyone still there.  I just wanted to let the two of you know that I am taking a little break (1-2 weeks). My best friends kylee and McKenzie are here visiting from the states! YAY! As everyone knows it has been a lonely three years here alone (minus […]

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The Fear of Failure

Tom and Adriana in Okinawa Japan

We all have at least one quality that we know will always work against us in our life. That one trait that uncontiously makes you sabotage your future. Whether it be that it sabotages your relationships, your goals or just yourself. Mine, was the fear of failure. I know I’m not alone on this one. Eveyone […]

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The Truth About After Baby Body

Pregnant woman on a beach

“Bouncing back” is probably one of the first thoughts that come across our minds when we first find out we are pregnant. Some people think about it long before they have even considered having kids. “What will my body look like after this baby? Will I get stretch marks? Will I gain a lot of weight? […]

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