My Favorite Thing about Marrying Young. (19)


I married that good looking man up there on the left (the right is me and hopefully it’s clear to you that I’m not a man 😂), on December 12, 2014 after dating for only 8 months, I was 19 years old…A lot of people would say, “that’s way too soon to know if you want to marry someone”, “that will never last”. But shoot, people have an opinion on everything these days and honestly people have married much sooner and it worked for them. Key words, “it worked for them”.

Of course there are a lot of things that play into the decision to get married to another person much less at 19. You can’t just go marry any joe off the streets because he looks like this stud muffin. Not only is he extremely kind to me, humble, honest, shy, hard working, SMART, level headed, funny, thoughtful and an awesome father. But he is the most amazing partner in life I could have ever chosen. Truly, the only thing this guy has ever done wrong is put strips of juicy/greasy bacon on our sofa instead of a plate for Isaac to eat! The point is, I knew all of these things and that is why I was comfortable with getting married 19 years young.

My favorite part about marrying so young, aside from him knowing what his wife looked like hot and young, is that we are literally building out life TOGETHER! He pushes me to do what I want to do and go after the things I want most in life. He is always throwing ideas at me to help me make them happen. He supports me and he believes in me when 95% of the time I don’t believe in myself. He gives me the nudge I need to take the chances I would have probably talked myself out of…He is learning Spanish for me so it will be easier for me to learn! If that isn’t dedication to your girls future I don’t know what is…And I do the same for him. And let me tell you, this man doesn’t dream small! And there is nothing that would make me more proud than to help this deserving person reach his biggest goals. Even if that means supporting him during 9+years in college (Face palm).

Marrying young and from nothing,  means we will truly know where each other came from. All of our struggles we will have shared with each other. We are building each other up as individuals instead of only focusing on only one persons career or looking at ourselves as a whole. And hopefully this climb we have started together to success will be even more steady because of each other. The important thing is that no one feels like they’re left behind, or sacrificed their dreams to help the other which I feel is how people start to feel resentment over time.

You get one life. Fall in love with the right person, someone that understands and will encourage you that it’s important to fulfill YOUR life’s dreams. And if you love them you will help them live theirs. All the while you’ll have this beautiful person to share it all with at the end of the day.

The sooner you start the longer you have! 😉

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  1. I always thought like “why would you marry at such a young age, there’s so many things to do and see before you settle” but as I read this I can understand why some people marry at a young age and indeed you experience everything with each other from the beginning which eventually turns all that into respect, dignity en just more and more love for each other. For me personally I don’t want to get “settled” yet at all, I love my freedom, I guess every individual has their own thoughts and feelings about happiness 🙂 *p.s. there is no “follow” button on your page or “like” button, I think you can turn this on somewhere in the settings 🙂


    1. It’s definitely depends on the individual! And the right person comes into your life at the right time! Wether you’re 40 or 20, you’ll know when it happens! But I completely understand why people would want to wait until they’re older! There are perks to both sides! 😊

      And holy moly thank you, I didn’t even realize that! 😱 I’m going to figure out how to add it!


      1. Hihi, are you on because I’ll have to look it up since I have a self host site which is slightly different 🙂 The follow button is a must have though! otherwise people can’t follow your blog and they will never get a notification if you post something or get a comment 🙂 I’m not sure but I believe a follow button is a plug-in that you can get through the plugins menu ( or ask for help at the customer service). As for the like button this is also in the setting in one of the many tabs you’ll find “show like button”


        1. I’m on a self hosted site as well! It’s been so difficult to figure out how to put all of these things on here. I am not tech savvy at all! lol I’ve been googling a lot lately!
          Thank you I’ll go look for it again! 😊


          1. If you use Jetpack, then go to settings> discussion and scroll to the bottom. for other settings go to jetpack> settings> engagement 🙂 Trust me I’m not a tech-man either xD I still don’t know what I’m doing, sometimes I do things that makes my site go down or things don’t work at all loool.


          2. Yea I’ve activated so many plugins that have done absolutely nothing! Lol did it take you long to learn the basics? I will die when my site crashes. 😳 What are you supposed to do when that happens?


  2. Ah you’re on a self host then do you work with Jetpack? if so then go to Settings> discussion and scroll to the bottom there you’ll find the follow button option. For other settings you can see Jetpack> settings> engagement 🙂