All of My Must Haves While Taking Accutane/Isotretinoin 

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So you’re starting the 4-6 month journey of Accutane, yes? Let me just tell you, your life is about to change and I’m so so excited for you! Month after month my skin changed. It got more clear, my scars faded, my pores got smaller and the overall redness in my face subsided. But it also got more sinsitive, dry and flakey every month.

After about three months into taking Accutane, my skin and lips got so insanly dry it was hard to wear makeup without my flaky peely skin showing through. Every face wash I had been using my entire life started turning against me and burning like crazy. So, after trying every face wash that claimed to be for dry sensitive skin, I finally found what worked perfectly for me.

I know everyone’s skin is different but hopefully this can just save you some time when trying to find a new skin care routine while on Accutane.

So here are all of my favorite things I used and still use, along with some tips and tricks that can help you out while going through this awesome transformation.

1.CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

CeraVe hydrating cleanser
This cleanser is a cream cleanser, no foam. So it won’t strip your skin! It is also nonscented which I found to be a really important factor. I feel like the reason most of the products I was using before were burning because of all of the perfumes in them. It also has hyloranic acid in it which helps your skin hold and lock in moisture. The CeraVe Cleanser left my skin feeling silky, plump and rehydrated. And it’s only $7.99!!! Yaaaaaayyy!

2. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

CeraVe moisturizing lotion
This moisturizer is so so hydrating. It’s simple, lightweight, not greasy at all and it just gets the job done. No perfumes just like the cleanser. It also has hyloronic acid in it and looks awesome under my makeup. It also comes in a giant 12oz bottle so you will never run out! Only $10.49

3. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil
One of my favorite oils ever and a huge game changer for me while I was taking Accutane.  Jojoba oil is the closest to the natural oil our skin produces. While you’re taking Accutane your body stops producing oil and that’s why you’re so so dry. I started patting this oil into my skin after putting on my moisturizer and it made an incredible difference. It is lightweight and smooth and just, ugh. You need it!!!!

4. Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen

Neautrogena face shield sunscreen
While taking Accutane you are extremely sensitive to the sun. I would burned just by riding in the car or having my hands on the steering wheel. Up until this time (I know this is terrible and I swear I have changed my ways), I have never worn sunscreen on my face. I was always scared it would break me out.  But it was summer time while I was on Accutane so therefore I was forced to use sunscreen. Thankfully my first pick ended up working wonders for me! I love love love this sunscreen so much. It is 110 SPF and you will 100% not burn or get a freckle with this baby on. Another huge plus is that it looks B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L under makeup. It dries a little tacky so it holds onto your makeup like the most expensive primer. The only thing is that it absolutely smells like sunscreen. BUT, I kinda like that? It makes me feel like I’m about to go to the beach and have fun! The smell doesn’t stay so if you aren’t big on the sunscreen smell it does fade away.  It cost $10.97.

5. Carmex, Carmex, Carmex…..and a little more Carmex

Carmex lip balm
By around the 3rd month I thought my lips were going to shrivel up and fall like dust off of my face. If I didn’t have carmex on I couldn’t smile, laugh or eat. Nothing, and I mean nothing will save your lips from accutane. However, if  you have Carmex on, your lips feel like heaven. They are soft and cool and moisturized. But you have to just apply apply apply. I think they are .99, so I 500% suggest that you buy 20 and put one in your nightstand, kitchen, bathroom, car, purse, shower, locker, under the sofa cushion, anywhere you are often so you are never without!

*TIP*: Before you apply your makeup, take a bunch of lotion and put it where your skin is dry and flakey (don’t rub it in). Then take a warm rag and rub your face in circular motions to get that dead skin off! If you don’t, it will show under your makeup.

I really really hope you find these tips helpful while you’re taking Accutane! Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I would love to help you in any way I can and I would also love love to hear what helped you the most if you have taken Accutane.


Have a good one guys. 🙂

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