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I was born and raised in South East Texas. (Best barbecue around). After graduating high school and realizing I couldn’t afford to put myself through flight school and college, I made a spur of the moment decision and joined the Air Force. I met my husband Tom during our technical training where I quickly fell for his charm, sense of humor and intelligence. We are now living in Japan and have our little boy Isaac who now is a year and a half old.

My main hobby right now is spending time with my family and friends but I also have very strong somewhat what romantic feelings for makeup, skin care, traveling, and dancing. Oh and I’m a foodie. Your girl can eat!

Husband looking at his laptop
Tom showing some leg.

About A Fly On The Wall

I started this blog in hopes to tap into my creative side. And to have an outlet to reach more people and share my thoughts and ideas with the world while I’m staying at home with a babbling baby. Living the military life I wanted to be able to share our travels with everyone more in-depth than just posting pictures on Instagram. I want this to be a laid back place where we can all say what we feel.

I called my blog, “A Fly on The Wall” because if you are reading my posts, you’re essentially peeking into my life. You will hear my thoughts, see the world through my eyes, and watch my child grow. You guys are the fly on the wall of my home. Get it? lol

I hope you all love this lifestyle, and travel blog as much as I do! I pour my heart and soul into and it has quickly become something that has taken over every thought through out my day.

If you have the time, I would love for you all to leave a comment and introduce yourselves. I want to get know my readers as much as possible. Ask questions and request anything. Your engagement keeps me going. 🙂

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