27 Reasons Joining the Military Benefited Us.

My husband in Air Force uniform

I have to be honest. There are a lot of days where we wish we wouldn’t have joined the military. Where we look at all of our friends and see them graduating college, starting their careers, visiting family on Christmas and spending birthdays with the people they love. They aren’t told they can’t go here and they have to go there. They’re free.

So after we wallow a bit, it’s really important to realize how many GOOD things the military has done for us and will continue to do for us long after Tom, gets out.

So I thought I would take the time to write them down to come back and look at on the days I’m feeling down! And maybe if my military friends see this, it could help them as well!

  1. My personal favorite, Tom and I met and now have our little monster Isaac. 💕
  2. We get to live in Okinawa, Japan.
  3. We get to travel/visit cities we never would have before.
  4. We got married in a foreign country and have a Japanese marriage certificate!
  5. We get to live a comfortable life.
  6. Tom looks extremely handsome in his uniform! (I looked like a little boy) 😂
  7. We have two GI bills that will allow us to go to college for free while also paying for our rent.
  8. We have access to VA loans wich allow us to buy a nice home will 0% down.
  9. The Air Force gives us a good amount of paid time off.
  10. We have really good health care so we had Isaac for free!
  11. We get to move often which keeps life from feeling too stagnant and keeps things exciting!
  12. We have the chance to save and invest.
  13. The Air force puts your family first.
  14. Joining the military forced us to become adults quickly.
  15. Having military experience will help us with our future careers.
  16. We got to walk on top of and work on F-15 Eagles! Who wouldn’t want to do that?
  17. We have met a lot of really good people and made lifelong friends.
  18. Being here alone together has made Tom and I closer and stronger.
  19. I appreciate my family more and the time I get to spend with them.
  20. Being in the military gives you a sense of pride.
  21. You get to board the airplane first. 😂
  22. Tom get weekends off! (Most of the time).
  23. We have retirement accounts.
  24. Our jobs made an associates degree easy to get.
  25. We can fly for free through a program called, “Space A” where we can catch a military flight if there is room! This program is a little scary though, it’s unpredictable and you can end up stranded somewhere. 😅
  26. I get to temporarily be a stay at home mom and not a lot of people get that privilege.
  27. We took the path less traveled and that’s exciting.

When we take a step back and really look, we are extremely blessed and it was the best decision we could have ever made!

Everyone questions their decisions and gets down about life every now and then! Maybe making a list of all of the positives will help you to! 😘

*Having said all of this, we are excited to live the civilian life very soon! 😊

F-15 Eagle in a hangar
F-15 Strike Eagle
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