The Fear of Failure

Tom and Adriana in Okinawa Japan

We all have at least one quality that we know will always work against us in our life. That one trait that uncontiously makes you sabotage your future. Whether it be that it sabotages your relationships, your goals or just yourself. Mine, was the fear of failure. I know I’m not alone on this one. Eveyone […]

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The Truth About After Baby Body

Pregnant woman on a beach

“Bouncing back” is probably one of the first thoughts that come across our minds when we first find out we are pregnant. Some people think about it long before they have even considered having kids. “What will my body look like after this baby? Will I get stretch marks? Will I gain a lot of weight? […]

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A Letter to My Younger Self

Oh child… Hopefully I’m not talking to a brick wall here. Everyone knows you don’t like to take advice from anyone, probably not even me. In a way, you’re wise beyond your years. And in another way, you’re so nieve. But no worries, all of the mistakes you have made have been from a good […]

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Stop Complaining About the Good Things.

It’s days like these that make me want to kick myself in the ass for ever moaning and groaning about not having a job. Today, Isaac and I spent the whole day on the beach, on a weekday, just because we wanted to. The fact that we even live on this beautiful island and are able […]

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My Tips to Prevent Acne.

Adriana Johnson touching her hair

So before accutane swooped in and saved the day, and I mean RIGHT before, I had started implementing these tips into my every day life and I saw a huge difference in the amount of break outs I had! Even now after having the magical unicorn potion called accutane flowing through my veins, I can […]

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27 Reasons Joining the Military Benefited Us.

My husband in Air Force uniform

I have to be honest. There are a lot of days where we wish we wouldn’t have joined the military. Where we look at all of our friends and see them graduating college, starting their careers, visiting family on Christmas and spending birthdays with the people they love. They aren’t told they can’t go here […]

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